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You are receiving your fax by Internet ?
» Print it automatically
» No user interaction, 100% autonomous
» Set rules to only print fax of your choice
» Save on disk, ...
Try it now, it is free during 30 days. 

You receive your fax by email from a fax provider like popfax, efax,..., but you need to get them directly to your printer ? We suggest you Automatic Email Manager, it will print your fax that come in Adobe PDF, or TIFF, or in any other format to the printer of your choice.
Easy to use you can even create rules to print only some fax/email, delete after, backup to disk, and much more ...

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How does it work ?

Fax by email New fax are detected Print to the right printer
Step to print
A fax is just received in your mailbox The software installed on your computer
or on server detects it automatically
Legitimate emails are printed
to the selected printer
without user interaction

Where i can find an Internet FAX provider to receive my fax per email ?

Are you an Internet Fax provider ? Reference your service for free here
Country Company Web site
Worldwide Efax j2 Global Com http://www.efax.com
Worldwide MyFax Protus http://www.myfax.com
Worldwide: USA - Singapore - Germany Venali http://www.venali.com
Country Company Web site
USA Smart FAX http://www.smartfax.com
USA Fax Logic http://www.faxlogic.com
USA Abacus FAX http://abacusfax.com
USA METROFAX http://www.metrofax.com/
USA COMODO http://www.trustfax.com/
USA FaxFreedom http://faxfreedom.net
USA Maxemail IGC http://www.maxemail.com
USA Send2Fax http://www.send2fax.com
USA Fax.com http://www.fax.com
USA Clickfax Data fabrication http://www.clickfax.com
USA GreenFax http://www.greenfax.com
USA AirComUSA http://www.aircomusa.com
USA FaxAnywhere Accessline http://www.faxesanywhere.com
USA ExtremeFax RingCentral http://www.extremefax.com
USA RapidFax http://www.rapidfax.com
Canada Telus http://www.mytelus.com/fax
Pays Entreprise Site internet
France Axiatel www.axiatel.com
France Axmapresse www.fax-internet.com
France Axmapresse www.reception-fax.com
France 4com http://www.lignefax.com
France Clic event http://www.clic-event.com
France GoFax http://www.gofax.com
France Faxbox RTE http://www.faxbox.com
France Fax reception ALLIANCE MCA http://www.fax-reception.com
France PopFax http://www.popfax.com
France FaxToB http://faxtob.com
France Axalone France http://www.express-mailing.com/fax-to-mail
France 123-fax http://www.123-fax.net
France Mon Fax http://www.monfax.com
France Fax via le web http://www.faxvialeweb.com

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